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The newest development in fertilizer blending is Ranco’s DW blender. The DW (declining weigh) blender continues the high speed blending of the volumetric unit, but with a much higher degree of accuracy and ease of operation.  With the high price of raw materials, it becomes more important to control inventory to assure there is no product loss.  All Ranco blend systems are customized for each particular location, which allows the blender to meet your specific blend rates.

The DW blender is a continuous flow system, which means any size load can be blended at one time. Batch mixers are limited by the cubic foot capacity of the mixer and the density of the products being used. These mixers require several batch cycles to complete one truckload. The Ranco system can blend any size load, from a small spreader to a full semi-trailer in minutes.

End loader efficiency is maximized with our continuous flow blenders. The end loader operator simply brings a full bucket to the bin and keeps the bins full. There is no time-consuming work such as dribble feeding of product to meet a scale weight and no return trips to the storage bays with partial buckets of product left over.

Ranco’s DW blend system provides accuracies never before seen in the dry fertilizer industry. Our digital control panel is one of the most advanced blending control systems available in the fertilizer industry. The operator simply enters the desired amount of each product required for the blend. The control panel automatically sets the most efficient blend time for the desired ratio, as well as, continually monitoring and adjusting the output of each meter unit. Ranco’s declining weigh technology compensates for the changes in material density and flowability during the continuous flow blending operation. The end result is fast, precise blending.

Additive bins accurately incorporate micronutrients into the blend. Positioning the additive bins towards the end of the blend system assures that the micronutrients are incorporated evenly throughout the entire load. These bins can be designed with declining weigh technology or as basic volumetric units. Both DW and volumetric bins can be included in the same system.

Liquid products are accurately impregnated on the fertilizer blend using positive displacement gear type pumps and stainless steel drip bars. Because of the system’s unique design, product viscosity changes do not affect the rate of output, as is the common problem with other available systems. Flow valves, pressure gauges, pressure regulators, and nozzles have been eliminated, therefore the unit is more accurate and trouble free.

The entire blending operation can be controlled in several ways. The most basic is manually scrolling using the digital touch controls. An optional keypad can be added to the control panel, which speeds up the indexing of pounds.  This feature saves time with a blender that is designed to handle many products. The digital control panel can also be interfaced with a PC, allowing the entire blend system to be controlled from a nearby office.

Ranco DW blend systems allow you to expand by adding additional bins at any time. You may start using a new product and/or need to increase throughput capacity.  Adding one or several bins to the system will allow you to meet these needs.

The newest innovation in blender controls is the addition of our touch screen. The device is programmed to remotely operate and monitor Ranco’s digital control panel. Not only does the new touch screen allow you to change product factors easily when switching products, it allows you to quickly change the time delay sequence. This feature is especially attractive for plants that blend for both bulk and bagging operations. Bulk blends can be discharged in one direction and bag blends can be discharged in the opposite direction. One blender can service two separate load out areas.

Ranco Fertiservice, Inc. manufactures a complete line of fertilizer blending and handling equipment. We take pride in providing our customers with accurate, high speed blending.  Ranco’s continuous flow blenders have been boosting productivity and profits for our customers for over 40 years.  Experienced Ranco installation crews install and service the equipment we sell.






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