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Additive Bins

Micronutrients are easily added to any blend by incorporating additive bins to the blend system.  The additive bin is designed for bagged product.  It has a holding capacity of approximately 700 pounds of 60# material.  The additive bin accurately meters the product and distributes it throughout the entire blend. 

Utilize bulk bags with the help of our bulk bag stands and cone pallets.  Incorporate bulk products by using our hopper pallets with stainless steel slide gates or adding a bulk additive bin.

The micro nutrient bins can also be place on load cells and used with our Declining Weigh technology. 

  • Mild steel or stainless steel frame construction with fiberglass hopper
  • Belt type unit available
  • Powder feeder unit
  • Twin bin units
  • Large bulk additive bins

Powder Feeder

Proven ability to feed powders:

Ranco’s Powder Feeder controls both flooding and clogging problems associated with difficult to handle powders.  Unique feeder trough effectively de-aerates and contains the powder at the initial fill cycle to prevent flooding.  Independently driven agitator maintains optimum material conditioning while screw speed can vary to control flow rate. 

  • Unique design provides the reliability of twin screw feeders without the cost or complexity
  • Feeds difficult powders such as CabosilR, TiO2, and other pigments without bridging or clogging.
  • Trough design defeats flooding by dissipating kinetic energy of material stream at initial fill.
Feeder disassembles easily for total cleaning.




Additive Bins
Additive Bins

Powder Feeder
Powder Feeder


Powder Feeder
Powder Feeder



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