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We perfected the continuous-flow blend system.

Ranco Fertiservice, Inc. developed our continuous flow blender in 1961.  It is the only type of blender we have ever manufactured.  Since 1961, we have continually improved the features and benefits of continuous flow blending. From volumetric to declining weigh, from setting digit dials to computer control, Ranco has always led the industry with innovative equipment designed to improve our customers’ bottom line.

The system is continuous flow. This means any size load can be produced in a single setting. Scale/batch mixers are limited by the cubic foot capacity of the mixer and the products utilized in the blend.  The Ranco system can blend any load size, from a small spreader to a full semi-trailer.

The system is fast.  The Ranco Multi-Blender can be set up to blend at almost any capacity you desire. We have systems blending at the rate of a bagging system – 10 to 15 TPH, or producing trailer load capacities at 300 TPH.  The Ranco system is custom designed to fit each facility and each application.
The system is exceptionally efficient. The end loader operator simply keeps the bins full of product. There are no return trips to and from the storage bays with partial buckets of product to meet a scale weight. And, you never have to return a half full bucket to the bin.

The system eliminates operator error. The blend is specified on the control panel, the end loader keeps the bins full, and the blend auger produces a continuous flow, high quality blend. All the procedures an end loader operator controls with scale/batch mixers are now managed by the blend system with the Ranco Multi-Blender. This means your blend ratio and blend quality are maintained without producing individual batches.

The system is expandable. Scale/batch systems are limited by the size of the mixer. If you need more capacity, you must either buy an additional unit or a larger unit. The Ranco system allows you to add individual bins to the system at any time. You may discover you need additional throughput capacity to handle demand, or you may start using a new ingredient. Adding bins will increase throughput and allow you to blend more products.

These features, along with many more, mean increased efficiency and greater accuracy, which translates into more profit.




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