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Paint and Fiberglass


The newest building on our campus is the paint shop. The shop layout, track system, and ventilation system was designed completely in house to meet our high volume needs. We utilize a chemical washing process to prepare for the painting process.  Also, much of our steel is completely sandblasted before the painting process begins.

Every piece that goes through the paint room is primed with an alkalide primer. The finish coat is a two part polyurethane paint. This combination provides a solid defense against the elements and harsh fertilizer environments.


Ranco has been utilizing fiberglass in the product line since the company began.  Fiberglass is often overlooked, but is a perfect material for the fertilizer industry. Fiberglass never rusts or corrodes, is strong, light, and easily repairable if needed.

Ranco is unique in that we maintain a fully staffed fiberglass shop.  Most of our weather cover is produced here, as well as several styles of hoppers, conveyor dump boxes, telescoping unloading spouts, and protective covers and guards. 


Fiberglass and Paint

Fiberglass and Paint


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